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You’re going to learn something about me pretty quick…

It’s something we’ve all heard people claim and most of us believe about ourselves. But I promise you, there’s levels to it. For example, I’m in the 99th percentile of passion level for this thing. Okay, here it is: I LOVE TREATS! No seriously, I love them! As in, I don’t know if I can count the days, on my own fingers, that I haven’t at least had a bite of chocolate. So basically, I love them! I love:  

  • Making them
  • Creating ideas and recipes for them 
  • Eating them (of course) 
  • Teaching others to create them on their own  
  • Sharing them with others and seeing the smiles on their faces 
Madison Reid

Are you passionate about this too?

Are you in the 99th percentile? Even if your passion is just in being the designated taste tester (a role my husband has long aspired to), this is absolutely the place for you! Here’s the thing:

  • I love learning! 
  • I love teaching! 
  • I love treats! (I know, I mentioned this already)
Madison Reid

This will be our space to be passionate and learn new things together! 

Your insights and passion are always welcome here, even encouraged. It’ll be so much fun! Learning to create this magic should be just as fun as consuming it. 

I want to help you feel confident in whatever treat you make, even in the recipes you believe are difficult and time-consuming (ie: making pies with the perfect crust). I want you to be the talk of the town when people eat your baked goods! I want your kids and loved ones to be giddy when they hear or smell your treats. The good news: Amazingness is right around the corner!

Think about what a big role treats have played and currently play in our lives. Too big of a role probably, but a big role nonetheless haha.

One smell can bring back a thousand memories

Think of your traditions growing up and overall in life…. Do most of them include the sweet aroma of fresh baked goods? Mine sure do! I believe in balance and health as well, but mental health (clearly aided by delightful treats) is every bit as important. 

Who remembers coming home from school as a child, after the first snowfall of the season, to the scent of warm chocolate chip cookies? Or the time you and your dad or your grandma baked those gooey, but dense brownies together? Our memories are littered with these amazing smells, tastes, and times. As the saying goes, “One smell can bring back a thousand memories”.  

Did you know the sense of smell is most closely related to memory? Essentially the memories that incorporate smell are the ones most thoroughly engrained in our minds. Wow! So if I’m understanding this correctly, isn’t it clear that Science is basically demanding we create traditions and other fun memories, based solely around the smells wafting off all the amazing baked goods I’ll teach you to make? Pretty sure that’s the message! haha 

I mean, think about it….Would Halloween be the same without Dracula & Goblin-inspired goodies? Or Thanksgiving without pumpkin-inspired breads, cookies, and pies. Or Christmas without the smell of homemade candy, gingerbread, and peppermint-inspired desserts. That’s a big N-O! 

Here’s my secret though and what I want to instill within our little tribe here… 

Much more important than the actual taste of these baked goods (which believe you me, is of the utmost importance), is how they connect us, make us smile and ultimately provide a bridge back to many of the cherished memories we’ve experienced on the road from our childhood to our adult years. 

Those places we get to in our minds, the warmth we feel when we get there, that’s what I want to help create for my little family and those around me. That’s what I want to help you create for those friends, family, and neighbors in your life. Together, we’re going to make the world a better and much tastier place.