Do you know how to frost a cupcake? Or are you like so many others that try to frost a cupcake and it ends up kind of looking sad and a little unappetizing? Are you finding yourself asking questions like: ‘What is the best way to frost cupcakes? What tip should I use? What is the best way for a beginner to frost a cupcake?’

Well I am here to tell you that is actually way more simple than you might think. In fact your biggest problem, like many others, might just be your pipping tip. I have found that many people try using a small piping tip hoping for a full looking cupcake. This will not work out for you. You must use a large piping tip to make your cupcake look more full and professional. Check out this quick 3 minute video below.

What is the best way to frost a cupcake?

The best way to frost a cupcake that looks professional is with a pipping tip and bag. This is the easiest way that takes almost no time to learn. With the piping tip and bag you are able to build up your frosting to a pretty design and not leave it flat against the cake like you would with a knife.

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What tip should I use to frost a cupcake?

There are so many tips you could use, and really, it depends what design you are going for. If you want the frosting to look fluffy and full on top of the cupcake, then you want a larger tip. If you are making fine details and designs, a small piping tip would be best. In this video I am showing you why a large tip is a better choice for an easy, beginner cupcake frosting.

How to decorate cupcakes for beginners?

This technique is easy and even first time bakers can master. Using the large piping tip takes away a lot of the work. Just fill your pipping bag with some frosting and make a couple swirl movements with your wrist.

How do I make sure my frosting is fluffy?

This can be achieved by whipping the frosting ingredients on high for 2 full minutes in a standing mixer. As you whip you will see the frosting transform in both color and texture. The frosting will end up looking light in color and fluffy in texture. This is because you are incorporating tiny air bubbles into the frosting.

How do I get frosting inside the piping bag?

This video shows a very easy hack for getting the frosting inside the bag. Stick your hand inside the plastic piping bag, fold the large opening over the top of the bag and your hand. Now you have created a cone shape with a plastic shield around it. Scoop the frosting into the bag with a rubber spatula. Unfold the bag and push the frosting down to the tip of your piping bag. Make sure to twist the top of the piping bag and hold that shut. Otherwise, frosting will spill out everywhere.

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After you have baked your cupcakes, allow them to cool fully so that the frosting will not slide off of the cake. Next, set the tip inside the piping bag by cutting the end of your bag off and dropping the tip inside. Make sure that opening of your tip is fully exposed outside of the plastic bag, but not so much that the tip will fall out when you squeeze frosting through it. The tip should be secured inside of the plastic bag simply by the plastic surrounding it. Then fill your piping bag with frosting following the instruction in the second above.

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