Breakable chocolate hearts swept the internet in 2021, but now I am bringing you the next big chocolate creation, a Pink Chocolate House. And sure, it doesn’t have to be pink, you can use any chocolate color! This chocolate house is very easy to assemble and makes an adorable table center piece or gift. Fill it with candy and let your Valentine love break into it and enjoy the chocolate and candy filling.

A pink chocolate house with holiday candy

What You Need

The Chemistry of Molding Chocolate

When discussing the ingredients and process, it’s fascinating to dive into the chemistry of what makes this chocolate house work. The compound chocolate’s ability to melt and reset without tempering is a key element. The composition of fats and sugars in the chocolate interacts in a way that allows it to maintain a stable form at room temperature, yet melt easily when heated.

A pink chocolate house with holiday candy

The Magic of Melting Chocolate

The core of this recipe is the melting chocolate, also known as compound chocolate or, in some circles, “Apeels.” This choice of chocolate is crucial for several reasons. First, its melting properties are superior, ensuring a smooth, consistent texture that is easy to work with. Second, it sets quickly, making it ideal for projects with kids who might not have the patience to wait for traditional chocolate to harden.

Crafting Your Chocolate House

It begins with melting the chocolate in the microwave, a task that is both simple and safe for younger chefs. The stirring between intervals is a mini lesson in patience and attention to detail, essential skills in any culinary endeavor.

The best way to melt the chocolate is in 30 second intervals. Always make sure you are using a microwave safe bowl so that the heat is being transferred correctly to the chocolate and not just burning the bowl up. After each cooking, stir vigorously. This will break up hot pockets throughout your chocolate and continue melting the chocolate with stirring and no more heat. If there are still large clumps of unmelted chocolate, cook for another 30 seconds. It should only take about 3-4 microwave trips before the chocolate is warm enough to melt fully with stirring.

After your chocolate is fully melted spoon the chocolate into the mold. Be careful to not overfill the mold, you want the chocolate to come up even with the top and not overflow.

After the molds are filled, I like to pop them in the freezer so that I do not have to wait as long for the chocolate to set. The chocolate should be set after about 15 minutes. Double check that the chocolate is fully hardened before trying to remove from the mold.

Once the chocolate is hardened, use a bit of melted chocolate on the edges of each piece, like glue. Spread it along the edge and stick the next piece onto the melted chocolate. Hold for about a minute to let the chocolate set, and then move onto the next piece.

A pink chocolate house with holiday candy

Temperature Matters

When melting chocolate, it’s crucial to avoid overheating. Chocolate can burn easily, which affects both its taste and texture.

Can you use regular chocolate instead of compound chocolate?

Using regular chocolate is possible, but it requires tempering to ensure proper setting and shine. Compound chocolate is recommended for its ease of use, especially when making these treats with kids.

A pink chocolate house with holiday candy

How long can you store a chocolate house?

These can be stored in a cool, dry place for several weeks. It’s best to keep them in an airtight container to maintain their freshness and prevent them from absorbing odors.

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A pink chocolate house with holiday candy