Check out these Turkey Caramel Apples, they are so festive for the Thanksgiving season. I love customizing treats for holidays and party themes, caramel apples are no exception. Caramel Apples have proven to be a fun new canvas to decorate, you can do it with colored chocolates, sprinkles, silicone molds and more. Let me show you how I made these turkey caramel apples.

Turkey caramel apples with a chocolate turkey

Silicone Molds

I love using silicone molds to create cute chocolate shapes and then attaching them to my treats. I found this turkey mold on Etsy. Simply melt chocolate, fill the silicone mold up, allow it to set fully, then remove. After your shapes are made, you can stick them to your caramel apple with a bit of melted chocolate as the glue. I am often inpatient when waiting for my chocolate to set inside the mold, I pop them in the freezer for 10 minutes or so to get them to set quicker.

What type chocolate should I use in a silicone mold?

The very easiest chocolate to use when melting is a compound chocolate. I wouldn’t use chocolate chips, because for me, they always seem to melt a bit thicker and harder to manage. The one time I melt chocolate chips is when I am making a ganache and adding cream to the mixture. I would not use a ganache to fill a silicone mold.

The other option is a couverture chocolate, which is tremendous and chocolate in its purest form. The only catch is, it has to be tempered. For me personally, tempering adds stress to the project. If you temper the chocolate incorrectly, you will end up with chocolate that dries with an ashy white polka dot on top. It makes the appearance of your treat not as appetizing. If tempered correctly, it will end up professional looking and tasting. Its up to you! Either compound or couverture works for chocolate silicone molds.

How do you store caramel apples?

The best way to store caramel apples is in the fridge. If kept sealed in a bag or box inside of the fridge the caramel apple will stay fresh for 2-3 weeks. Especially if you dip the apple so that the caramel and chocolate seal the puncture hole of the apple stick.

Can you freeze caramel apples?

No. You should not freeze chocolate or caramel, it will ruin the texture and appearance of both. Chocolate and caramel are both best kept at cool room temperature, about 65 degrees fahrenheit.

Can you make caramel apples ahead of time?

Absolutely. If your caramel apples are stored properly then they will last at least 2-3 weeks. Typically I will make apples up to a week before the party I intend to serve them at.

How do you make the perfect caramel?

It is all about the temperature of the candy. You must always cook candy on low heat (about 200 degrees). You have be patient when making caramel because it takes longer than most candies to come up to soft ball temperature (234 degrees). Candy will change in a matter of 2 degrees and can go from soft ball temperature (234 degrees) to firm ball temperature (245 degrees) in under a minute if your heat is too high. It is very important to have a trustworthy candy thermometer and be watching it closely.

Food is an Art

For the person who just wants to get creative in life but also wants the end result to be practical, this is for you. Food can be so much fun to get creative with. After you are done, it can be enjoyed with your eyes and your taste buds. I hope this post got your creative juices flowing. Tag me on Instagram with all your creations @_mrs.madi_

Try these Turkey caramel apples for your next holiday party