Is it social acceptable or even legal to egg someone’s house? You betcha! With this Egging Free Printable, you can “egg” as many houses as you’d like! This is a hilarious twist on a terrible act of vandalism and anger. Twisting it up to be an act of kindness, service and love! It goes hand in hand with the festivities of Easter.

I understand, egging is no joke. My house has been on the victim side of a few eggings. With teenage boys growing up in my house, and a few more getting closer to that age, I have a feeling that won’t be our last experience with that messy upset. But, I decided to turn something negative into a very positive. In turn, spreading a bit of cheer and light instead of hate. And really, isn’t that what our world needs most?

Free Egging Printable

What does it mean to egg someone’s house?

Well, in the traditional meaning, it is when people throw raw eggs all over your house. And I can tell you from experience as the house owner, it is sometimes impossible to clean off without real damage. I know these kids do not understand what is really happening, they see it as an adrenaline rush and harmless fun. On the contrary, it is not harmless. Serious damage can happen. If you don’t believe me, come take a close up look at my garage. Eggs will peel the paint right off of your house and car for that matter.

But what does it mean in my sense of ‘egging’? Its adorable and fun and it even gives your little ones the same adrenaline rush when they doorbell ditch the house. But instead of a nasty surprise to the home owner, they find a pleasant and kind surprise.

Steps to Egging your friends

  • First, print out this cute free printable, found at the bottom of the page
  • Then, fill up 12 plastic Easter eggs with fun treats
  • Next, sneak up to your friend’s house and hide the 12 eggs around their front yard. Be sure to be quiet so that you don’t get caught!
  • Now, so sneaky, like the Easter bunny, place the free printable on the porch. You could even add a plate of homemade goodies on top as a weight if it is a windy day. Ring the doorbell and RUN!
  • Run away, hide, get in your getaway car. Just don’t get caught. Who ‘egged’ them should stay a secret. That is the fun! Guessing who it might have been.
  • Now you can watch as the ‘egging’ spreads around your neighborhood or between your friends. The game asks the first friend to egg 2 more people, and then them 2 more people each, so on and so on. If everyone decides to participate in the fun, it spreads like wild fire.

What treats could I make for egging?

I thought you would never ask. Here are some fun treats I love to share with my neighbors and friends.

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Why create a free printable?

It is a great way to bring like minded people to my blog. If you like my free printable celebrating Easter, then you will probably also like my festive recipes. If you also like my festive recipes, then you will most likely like all of my recipes. It is my way of finding my community, my people, on this vast and spacious internet.

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Free Egging Printable