Have you ever heart attacked a friend or neighbor? It is good fun, and if you haven’t you are missing out! Here you can download my free heart attack printable and get started! It is perfect for the Valentine season, but honestly, you can do it in any season to spread some love. Isn’t that just what the world needs? I love to heart attack my neighbors with my whole family during February. It is a fun way to extend the Valentine celebrations.

Free Heart Attack Printable

What do you need to ‘heart attack’?

To play the game you just need to print out 2 copies of my free printable and a treat. You can make your own, grab something from the store or do both! We also like to include some toys, crafts or decorations from the local dollar store.

How do you play the ‘heart attack’ game?

If you are starting the game you can ‘heart attack’ as many people as you’d like. The more you start with the quicker it will spread. If you are a recipient of a ‘heart attack’ then the instructions will let you know. In order to continue playing the game you should print out 2 copies of the printable and ‘heart attack’ two houses who have not already been ‘heart attacked’ within 2 days. Remember to quickly put your ‘We’ve Been Heart Attacked’ sign up in a visible window or on your front door so that you are not double heart attacked.

What if you get caught ‘heart attacking?’

That is okay! Although secretly heart attacking people is part of the game, it can be just as much fun if you are caught! We have been caught multiple times over the years. I blame it on my younger kids that cannot run away fast enough! We just giggle, wave and drive or run away. Whoever we have just heart attacked is still happy to get a surprise and treat, even if its not from a secret friend anymore.

What treats can I make to go with my ‘heart attack’?

Oh, I have a lot of good suggestions for you! Try making my Strawberries & Cream Cookies, that is perfect for the season. Or you could make Heart Cake Push Pops, another seasonal option. You could also make the classic Chocolate Chip Cookies. Whatever you decide to make will be well appreciated.

Free Heart Attack Printable

Free Heart Attack Printable

Okay, now that you understand the game, lets get playing! Click Here and you will be directed to input your email address. I will send the free printable straight to your inbox! Happy heart attacking!