Here we go, I am going to break down How to Host a Galentines Brunch. So gather up your closest girl friends and lets get partying. You deserve it! You made it through the first month of the year, it was a long, cold and gray January. But now, its February! It’s time to spread the love and hues of pink. I will link all of the products and recipes that I used so that you can follow my Galentines Brunch exactly, or just use mine and inspiration to create something entirely your own!

Friends at Galentines
Friends at Galentines

What is a Galentines Party?

Galentines is a special day to celebrate all the girls and women in your life that make your life wonderful. All the girls that support and love you no matter what. It is the best way to show your friends that you appreciate them and take a few hours to celebrate all together.

What is the Difference Between Galentines and Valentines?

Galentines is a spin off of Valentines, but just for the Gals in your life. This separates the Holiday so that you can still have your Valentine be your one and only true love. But your Galentine can be many and and every gal that you love and appreciate.

Strawberry Macarons for Galentines
Fruit tarts for Galentines
Liege Waffles for Galentines
Sugar Cookies for Galentines

Is Galentines Just for Singles?

Nope! It can be for any and all ladies. Young and mature. This holiday is all about friendship.

The Menu:

Galentine Serving Dishes

Candy for Valentines Brunch

What do you do at Galentines?

You can do so many things! You can just eat and chat, or you can craft, play games, and do gift exchanges. A fun idea that I did at my Galentines Brunch is, we all made bouquets to take home. It was my gift to my friends, but if you don’t want to provide all of the flowers, you can do a flower exchange. I bought all of the flowers at Trader Joes. They have the best flowers for the best price! Or for a flower exchange, have each girl bring a bundle of 1 type of flower, then you all exchange with each other to make a beautiful bouquet.

I also bough these things to make the flower bar complete:

Flowers for Galentines Brunch

Why Host a Galentines Day Party?

Life is short, I think it is important to celebrate as much as possible. I also think it is important to tell everyone in your life how important they are to you. Tomorrow is never promised. Reaching out to your friends and loved ones is always a good idea. Hosting a fun celebration that brings people together to express their love and gratitude for each other is always a good idea. I hope this post gave you some great ideas and that you have the best Love Month ever!

Galentine Brunch