Check out this super cute Jack-o-Lantern heart cake tutorial. I will show you each step I took to create this festive cake and list out everything, including the specific piping tips I used. If you are a visual learner, watch my video below first, then I have it all written down in the post below.

Getting Started

Before you make this Jack-O-Lantern Heart Cake, you will first need to bake 3 layers of heart shaped cake, then stack, crumb coat and frost the cake. I frosted the entire cake in orange, because that is the typical color of a pumpkin, but you can do any color!

Finished jack-o-lantern heart cake

Supply List

Make Markings

Using the cookie cutters, make markings to guide your frosting. I use the large cookie cutter for the ruffles mid way down the cake and then the Jack-o-Lantern cookie cutter for the face on top of the cake.

Black Ruffle

Following the cookie cutter markings about mid way down your cake, use the Wilton 21 tip with black frosting to make a ruffled look. Apply pressure, let go of the pressure move a little forward along the traced line and repeat until the ruffle meets together around the entire cake.

Finished jack-o-lantern heart cake

White Top Ruffle

Using Wilton 4B with white frosting, make a wave motion all on top of the cake. A lot of pressure, then release. Repeat until the frosting wave meets each other around the entire top of the cake.

Using the same tip and frosting, follow the bottom of the cake this time just squeezing pressure, releasing pressure and then moving forward just a bit and repeating.

Yellow Teardrop

At the tip of every black ruffle, make a little teardrop. Using Wilton 32 and yellow frosting, put the tip a little above the black frosting, apply some pressure, release as you are moving your hand down towards the bottom of the cake and then pull away from the cake gently.

Yellow Ruffles

Below the black ruffle use the same tip and frosting bag, Wilton 32, and create the same ruffled look you did with the black frosting. Squeezing a bit of pressure, letting go of that pressure and then moving forward a bit following the bottom of the black ruffle.

Repeat this same process on top of the white ruffle on the bottom of the cake, this time adding yellow on top of the white ruffle.

Orange Ruffle

Below the white ruffle on the bottom of the cake, use the Wilton 18 piping tip with orange frosting to create a ruffle. This time creating the ruffle under the white frosting.

Then follow the top of the cake, right under the white wave ruffle you created, make a small ruffle along the top of the cake.

Trace the Jack-o-lantern face

With black frosting in a piping bag with just the tip cut off, trace and fill in the Jack-o-lantern face. After, smooth that face out with a pallet knife, being careful to not smear it. You can also use the pallet knife to better define the face by cutting some frosting out.

Outline the face

With another piping bag and yellow frosting, just cut the tip off again, no piping tip needed. Trace the outline of the jack-o-lantern face to make it look lit up.

Add Top Ruffle

On top of the cake, under the white wave ruffle, closer to the jack-o-lantern face, add yellow and orange ruffle using the same technique as before. Apply quick pressure, release pressure, then move the tip slightly forward and repeat, following the bottom of the white ruffle.

Clean Up the Cake

Using a pallet knife, smooth out any leftover markings that frosting did not cover.

Add Embellishments

For me, I added some chocolate bats under each yellow teardrop. I used a silicone mold, poured in some melted chocolate, let it set and then dusted it with edible gold luster dust. You could also use holiday sprinkles or pearl shaped sprinkles as well.

Finished jack-o-lantern heart cake

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