Check out this Tie Dye Cake Tutorial. There is a quick video for all the visual learners and step by step instructions below. I also added a supply list so that you can get everything you need to complete this look.

Supply List

Prep Ahead

Before you are ready to frost a tie dye cake, you need to bake 3 round cake layers. For my cake I did 8 inch cakes. Then you will need to stack and crumb coat the cake. After the crumb coat, pop your cake in the freezer for at least 15-30 minutes to set the crumbs in place. You could also leave it in the freezer for a few days before you finish frosting it if you would like to spread out your project.

Mix Your Frosting

When you are ready to get frosting, make a large batch of buttercream, separate the frosting into smaller bowls and dye it the colors you want to use. For my cake I did yellow, blue and pink.

Glob on Frosting

Take a spoon and glob on frosting in random spots all around the cake. Make sure to get the colors all around the cake so that your end result will have a tie dye design.

Finished tie dye cake

Add Acrylic Disc

Before you start smoothing out all the frosting, get the top of your cake set. Spread the frosting out on top and try to get the cake as level as you can. Then wrap a cake disc in press’n seal and place it centered on top of your cake. Once your disc is set, you can start scrapping your cake sides.

Scrap the Sides

Use a large cake scrapper, hold the scrapper at about a 45 degree angel on the side of your cake and turn the cake. While you turn the cake, the scrapper will spread out your frosting globs. Scrap your cake once or twice, be sure not to scrap it too much or else your frosting will mix too much and you will end up with just 1 color on your cake.

Fill in the Gaps

After the first scrap of your cake, you can see some gaps where frosting is lacking. Dollop a bit more frosting in all of the gaps to fill them in.

Scrap Again

Scrap your cake a few more times until the cake is nice and smooth. Fill in gaps as they show up, but be careful to not over scrap this cake. When you are going for a tie dye look, scrapping will mix the colors and you do not want to mix them too much.

Freeze & Remove Disc

After your sides are all smoothed out, pop your cake in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Once the cake is cold and set, remove the cake disc. Use a small pairing knife, slide the knife under the disc and pop it up off of the cake. Because of the Press’n Seal, the disc will come off quick and clean.

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