Brownies! Is there a more universally loved dessert? I don’t think so. It something everyone wants a taste of. I mean, unless you don’t like chocolate, and if that is the case, lets face it, you are crazy! A brownie board is perfect for every party.

When I offer to bring a treat to a gathering, I want to WOW the audience, I have found a brownie board to be one of the easiest ways to please the masses and wow the crowd. Brownies are in the top 5 for easiest desserts to make, as most of them require just 1 mixing bowl and 1 pan. They’re also really simple to create in bulk. Throwing together 3 or 4 different types of brownies can take under 2 hours, from start to finish.

a brownie board with 4 types of brownies on a platter

What is a brownie board?

It’s like a dessert charcuterie board. You can make it as simple or complex as you would like! It’s a form of art and you get to decide on how that art looks and tastes. There’s no wrong way to create it. You can just put a few different types of brownies on a platter and call it good. It will still turn out great. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can add additional arrangements onto the board such as: fresh berries, caramel dip, pretzels, candies or more. This is where your creativity can really shine.

Can blondies be a part of a brownie board?

Absolutely! Really, there are no rules. I mean, a blondie and a brownie are basically cousins. A blondie would be a great way to include people who aren’t chocolate lovers (how dare they!). If you don’t know what a blondie is, they are a bar or a tray bake, just like brownies, but instead of chocolate, you use brown sugar and vanilla. Mmm!

How many people can a brownie board feed?

That’s the beauty, these boards can feed a large party. An important FYI for planning… A batch of brownies typically makes 24 brownies. So, if you make 4 different types for your board, you can feed 50 people or more (assuming 2 brownies per person). I always like to plan for 2 brownies per adult, and then if there are leftovers, brownies are great for freezing! To freeze a brownie, just wrap them tight in plastic wrap and then tinfoil, they will last in the freezer for up to 3 months. Just make sure to thaw the brownie back to room temperature before enjoying. They’ll taste just as fresh as when you originally made them.

How do you make a brownie board?

Grab a large platter or charcuterie board, make a few types of brownies and place them on, in whatever design or order you fancy. You can also add other things like I mentioned above, or you can keep it simple with just brownies. Go create your board and let me know how it went. Happy baking!

Brownies stacked on a plate
Dulce de leche brownies stacked on a plate

What could you put on a brownie board?

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