Alright, with Mother’s day around the corner, I thought I would share my tips on how to throw the perfect Mother’s Day Luncheon. If you are like me, you are all about celebrating, you love gathering, and you will use any excuse to have a little party. I mean, why not? Life is short, right? Might as well celebrate. Below you will find all of my tips, as well as menu, with these you will be sure to create the best Mother’s Day Luncheon ever!

Mothers day Luncheon

The Set Up – TableScape

Okay, ready for the ultimate hack? If you are a Utah local, you are going to LOVE this! Instead of buying all of the seasonal or themed plates, cups, platters, napkins and table cloths, you can rent them! That is right, and for a small additional fee, someone will come and set it all up for you. Honestly, this price is so good, it saves you money. Check out Shindig Party. You are welcome. I just upgraded all of your parties.

What’s on the Menu?

Mothers Day Luncheon
Mothers Day Luncheon
Mothers Day Luncheon
Mothers Day Luncheon

Gifts & Activities

Okay, again, if you are anything like me, you LOVE gift giving. Its my love language. It makes me so happy to give gifts. Turning gift giving into a luncheon activity was a two for one. During my Mother’s Day Luncheon all the ladies made charm bracelets or necklaces (links to follow) and flower bouquets, how fun is that? Let me break it down for you-

Charm Bar

Charm bars are all the rage right now, and for good reason! They are so much fun. Lucky for you, I have a list of links, so that you can put together your own. The quantities that come will allow you to host multiple charm bar parties. Here goes-

DIY Charm Bar
DIY Charm Bar

Flower Bar

This flower bar is my new favorite thing! I fill the bar up with 12 different varieties from Trader Joes. Their flowers are maybe the cheapest you can find, and great quality! Then I buy this floral wrap and this ribbon to tie up the bouquets. They end up looking so professional and everyone feels a sense of pride walking out with a beautiful bouquet created by them. This was the perfect addition to my Mother’s Day Luncheon, because everyone knows that Mother’s Day and flowers go hand in hand.

DIY Flower Bar

Why throw a Mother’s Day Luncheon

It is an awesome way to celebrate the holiday, and also create lasting memories. Another great reason to throw this luncheon is because it is so important to gather all those people in your life that you love. You never are promised tomorrow, actually being able to talk face to face and give those loved ones a huge hug is so impactful in this progressively technological world.

How to Throw a Mother's Day Luncheon